About HealtiLife

Founded in 2019, HealtiLife is a holistic health boutique located in South-West London. As well as selling high-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements, essential oils and herbs, we offer a variety of alternative therapies with qualified professionals in our onsite clinic. We are invested in promoting the happiness and wellness of our local and online community and put them at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide our clients with premium-quality with honest provenance, natural and handmade products that they can use to create a healthy and beautiful atmosphere for their body and mind.

We are constantly updating our products and treatments to provide our customers with the very best services.

About the Founder

Claudia is an Educator and Research Analyst with a keen interest in alternative medicine.
She was fascinated by the beauty of nature and the special properties of plants for health and wellbeing from an early age. After a knee injury, Claudia sought the help of both Western and alternative doctors, and found their synergistic approach to be transformative. She has since made a full recovery, and now wants to make evidence-based alternative medicine accessible to everyone.

Products we sell

We pride in handpicking the highest quality products. All makers at HealtiLife mirror our same value of natural, mindful lifestyle of intent and beauty. Our shelves are home to a refreshing assortment of specialised goods ranging from organic vitamins, minerals, probiotics, immune-boosting supplements, the aroma of pure herbs, scented papers, essential oils, botanical candles and other natural assortments.

Beyond a shared holistic philosophy, the makers we so fondly carry, themselves are artists, herbalists, and desire to create luxurious, nourishing, natural products, designed to simplify the way we care for ourselves while being conscious of the impact we have on the environment.

We have a number of local Therapists that work from our store. Please contact us for more information regarding this, or visit our Facebook page to see all upcoming visits and events.

If you are a qualified healthcare professional and wish to work with us, please apply through our ‘contact us’ page.